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CESBA tool presented at the Slovak building fair CONECO / RACIOENERGIA 2014
07/ 04 / 2014

In Bratislava between 26 – 29.3.2014 a famous Slovak annual fair for building industry CONECO / RACIOENERGIA 2014 was held and it was dedicated to new trends and savings in the field. By motto of the fair: “Lets build economically and in modern style”, organizers attracted attention to the subject of energy saving and “ultra low energy” buildings, to a correct and efficient insulation of buildings and to the usage of natural and industrial adjusted building materials.


At the fair CONECO / RACIOENERGIA 2014 the CEC5 project was presented by Ing. arch. Lorant Krajcsovics from the Institute of Energy Passive Houses in Bratislava (iEPD). In the context of the CEC5 project, Mr. Krajcsovics represented also Trnava Self – Governing Region as the CEC5 project partner.


During the four days in iEPD fair stand several presentations on the subject of passive and sustainable buildings were given. Within these presentations Mr. Krajcsovics presented environmental planning of passive houses in the context of the CESBA tool developed within the CEC5 project. Mr. Krajcsovics focused on urban relationship in the planning phase and on requirements of inner environment quality. Also between these presentations, a video on the CESBA certification tool was shown. This video was developed in cooperation of the CEC5 project  between Regionalentwicklung Vorarlberg eGen and Trnava Self – Governing Region.


Get a glimpse at the Slovak version of the CESBA video here: