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CESBA GUIDE is ready!
30/ 06 / 2014

CESBA is open-source, simple and user-oriented.


Our CESBA Guide will walk you through the CESBA (Common European Sustainable Building Assessment) Initiative. The CESBA Initiative aims at establishing a mass-movement toward near-zero emission buildings in Europe and creating a common approach to building assessment in order to ensure the effectiveness of certification labels.


CESBA was launched with the involvement of more than 30 public and private European organizations from Austria, France, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Switzerland and the UK, CESBA is more than the assessment of sustainable buildings; CESBA is a process towards new building and neighbourhood standards in Europe.


The idea toward a better sustainability, improvement of the building standard practices and creation of shared-knowledge networks has been implemented in many projects before, such as: ENERBUILD, IRH-med, OPENHOUSE, SuPerBuildings, to name a few. Yet it was within the CEC5 and CABEE partnership that this common framework has been finally given structure to and has been launched under the name of CESBA.


The CESBA Guide is a start for a European discussion and advocacy of its use. It is a living document, which will be continuously enhanced and adapted to the changing conditions as the network of experts and projects working on it will grow. This CESBA Guide will fill the gap in knowledge and understanding, not just for scientists, experts and political decision-makers, but also for the citizens who will be involved in the work towards quality at all levels, including the places where they work and live. All the ongoing results will be continuously published on the CESBA Wiki (www.cesba.eu) which serves as the CESBA knowledge hub. CESBA wiki is the reference point for CESBA newcomers and experts where all the model assessments carried out in the project together with the study books are available for perusal and comments.

The European Union goal to reduce the CO2 emissions is a common obligation. As we join forces, devoting our knowledge and time to finding new solutions and strategies together, we will get faster to our common objective. The aims are so ambitious that it is impossible to reach all the planned results solely within a pre-set 3-year-long period of a project implementation. Hence the CESBA initiative with a wide panel of experts and simultaneously running projects was established and it will be promoted further.

The CESBA Guide is a joint result of the CEC5 project under the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme and the CABEE project entitled ‘Capitalizing Alpine Building Evaluation Experience’ co-financed under the Alpine Space Programme. Since both the projects share the aim of promoting sustainable building solutions, the mutual co-operation has triggered an extensive engagement of bodies, associations, networks and institutes as to the content of this Guide. A wider expert input facilitates the dissemination of this common result not only throughout the Central Europe area but also across the Alpine region area. One major step forward for the works on this Guide was the common CESBA Sprint Workshop held in Vorarlberg in October 2013. It was hosted by the CABEE project with the expert contribution of CEC5. In the joint CESBA Sprint Workshop, the up-to-then results from both the projects were discussed among 100 experts in six thematic sessions.


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If you are interested or involved in the assessment of the sustainability of our built environment, the CESBA Wiki is the perfect platform for you! There are various options to be a part of CESBA:

Everybody will find his or her place in the pyramid of the CESBA organizational structure.

You are very welcome to join the CESBA Initiative!