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90 participants from 11 countries at 2nd CESBA Workshop in Turin
21/ 07 / 2014

2nd CESBA SPRINT Workshop – European spirit towards a sustainable built environment: Expanding CESBA.


On the 1st of July 2014, 90 people from 11 different European countries came together in the Environment Park in Turin, Italy, in order to further develop CESBA. This 2nd CESBA SPRINT Workshop was a successful follow-up to the 1st CESBA SPRINT Workshop which was held in Austria in October 2013.


The participants could join one of three thematic groups. The first group focused on how to strengthen local SMEs in the building sector on a transnational level, whereas the second group looked at public administrations and how they could benefit from a European harmonization of building assessment systems. The third group followed quite a different approach: Moderated by the Italian Giulia Barbano and the Austrian Robert Moosbrugger, actors from different EU projects talked on EU project results as well as future challenges. The fourth thematic group developed a roadmap for assessment harmonization. Additionally, the participants could join the CESBA Wiki sessions and learn how to create an article for the CESBA Wiki.

From now on, CESBA will capitalize on European projects and will support coordinated actions in the field of the built environment. The CESBA Wiki as the central knowledge hub will be kept updated by CESBA Wiki editors and experts. The 2nd CESBA SPRINT Workshop greatly contributed to the strengthening of the initiative.


The key issues discussed were:

  • What is the added value of the CESBA Wiki?
  • How can we address the challenges that go along with the CESBA Wiki?
  • Connection points - the ecosystem of the CESBA Wiki
  • The establishment of a vivid CESBA Wiki community


The CESBA Wiki Masterplan is currently elaborated and will be available on the CESBA Wiki.