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CESBA Initiative and Movie
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The term CESBA was defined first in a workshop in Budapest (July 2012) and confirmed in the joint meeting in Brussels on the 10th of October 2012. It stands for „Common European Sustainable Building Assessment“. CESBA is on the one hand a methodology to assess existing and new buildings and on the other hand a framework of EU projects to reach higher convergence by a common process. We simply call it - the CESBA Initiative.

Transnational projects (OpenHOUSE, Construction21, ENERBUILD, CABEE, CEC5, MARIE, SuPerBuildings, IRHmed) from different program areas with support of the DG Environment contribute to the CESBA Initiative with the common goal to propose and promote a common framework, which could open the path to a better understanding, implementing and promotion of building sustainability, on the large scale that is needed today.




In order to help us achieve that we have started a common platform for sharing the experience and know-how on the wiki platform:


For the time being, the function of the Secretariat was vested in the NENA network. If you would like to support CESBA and become the NENA network partner, sign in here.

The wiki platform was established within CABEE, the project working on the same goals as  CEC5 and who also is in the CESBA Initiative.




CESBA also provides a generic tool based on the key performance indicators and reference performance indicators that are used within the stages that start from the beginning of the Life Cycle of the buildings (from the design, the sourcing of the materials, etc.) and last till its end with the de-construction or demolition phase. Building assessment systems have to take into account the whole Life Cycle of the building. For each project the cycle starts with the purpose / target phase. In practice, but in reality - this phase is not an absolute beginning: the target is defined by experiences from previous usage of buildings and experiences in other phases. Therefore, the cycle is closed.

The Lead Partner of the CEC5 project has created a film that explains the nooks and crannies of the CESBA Cycle - once you click on the chosen stage of the cycle below and the selected section will be explained. The movie was produced within the CEC5 project via the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF.



Purpose and Target Definition Design Tendering and Architectural Competition Planning Process Procurement of Products and Services Implementation and Building Process Commissioning of a Building Monitoring and Usage of a Building Training Service Certification Indicators Cesba circle