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17 / 06 / 2014   5
Portoroz, CEC5 partners' 5th meeting 22-23.1.2014, Slovenia
14 / 02 / 2014

The 5th partners' meeting was held in Portoroz, Slovenia. Please click here for the agenda. The internal meeting aimed at the summary of the ongoing works and decisions to be taken on the CESBA Guide and its final content. The CESBA Guide was accepted as the general introduction to the initiative and the tool that is used for calculating data.

Progress of works was updated as to its thematic scope, namely  - works on development of standards (work group 3), skills and demonstration in EE building practices (work group 4) and broad adoption of results (work group 5).

WP3 Tasks

Feasibility Study

Andrea Moro presented outcomes of the CESBA feasibility study. The main insight is that the CESBA Guide and the CESBA tool used for the model assessments (the scores and benchmarks) need to be set in context as to the region for regional acceptance. If calculation methods exist instead of PHPP, Econcalc and Ecosoft, it should be allowed to use them. The partnership agreed that as a further development the tool will be generic and contextualised. The feasibility study is also based on the model assessments until mid of February 2014.


Partners are almost closing on the interview made with decision-makers as to the acceptance of a generic tool like CESBA. The outcomes will be summarised in one document and made available in March 2014.