Go through the LCT ONE construction stages in Dornbirn, Austria yourself and see the movie register the process here:
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Pilot Investment in Vorarlberg, Austria End:11/2012
12 / 11 / 2013

LCT ONE in Dornbirn, AT - one of the demonstration buildings in CEC5 is already finished and ready to get visited. Pilot investment in Vorarlberg, Austria Exhibition, Meeting and Shared Space Office Lifecycle Tower ONE is open!

Text by Peter Streuer, Regionalentwicklung Vorarlberg eGen

On the 19th of November 2012 a unique building was presented to the public.

The 27 meter high LifeCycle Tower in Dornbirn, Austria was opened only after a year of construction. "It is the world's first hybrid wood passive house building with a modular construction system. Wood is a renewable resource that can be applied to resource-efficient building materials. With the knowledge that the building industry causes 40% of the worldwide energy and resource consumption and 40% of waste generation and is also responsible for 60% of global transport routes, we tried to develop a simple construction system that uses as much wood as possible" says builder Hubert Rhomberg. For two years, a team of architects and builders has developed a module construction. Ceiling and facade elements were prefabricated and delivered to the site ready to fix. So it was possible to assemble the eight floors of the office building in just eight days. "The main challenge was to develop these elements, which should be applicable to other buildings as well," says the architect, Hermann Kaufmann. The modular wood-hybrid construction system is planned for buildings up to 30 floors and 100 meters high. Due to the system design, in comparison to conventional buildings the implementation of structural work, facade and building itself will be twice as fast.

One building module of the Lifecycle Tower ONE is chosen for the investment. The Tower is a building lifecycle innovation, a wood-based construction system for high rise buildings. The building integrates innovative technology solutions and provides a significant improvement in CO2 equivalents (up to 90%). This is made possible through a comprehensive ecological building concept. The construction doubles resource efficiency over conventional designs demonstrably.

The building is a demonstration building (Lifecycle Tower ONE) for the urban wood construction and consists of 8 floor modules. The design concept allows a height of up to 100 feet (25 floors) The LCT-ONE is an energy plus building and is characterized by a high environmental standard. The Life Cycle Tower is a concept which will set up international standards because its basic material, is a renewable material that grows again quickly: wood. The Lifecycle Tower is a sustainable and CO2 neutral concept for multilevel buildings in urban areas, built by wood. The Pilot building has a volume of 7,500 m³, the active surface on 8 storey is 2,274m², the Lifecycle Tower is built out of 8 floor modules.

You can find more photos of the LCT here: