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Pilot investment in Vysocina Region, Czech Republic End:10/2013
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Demonstration building: Social Care Institution, Lidman, Czech Republic


  Opening of Lidman low emissiom building

The construction of a new low-energy building, designated for accommodation of the institution´s clients, began in July 2012 and was completed in October 2013.

Technologies and measures are installed which aim at reaching energy savings and lowering energy demands of the future building:

insulation folder around the building, which is composed of warming system on the basis of mineral insulation and of windows with triple insulation glass,

the floor is equipped with a three-layer thermal insulation and heat line heating of the building is ensured by means of two air-water heat pumps, that enable regulated ventilation with heat recuperation roofing of the building.

It is designed as a hydroinsulating photovoltaic foil which generates electric power from solar energy. This innovative solution makes it possible to integrate thin-sized photovoltaic modules into the roof covering and thus to provide reliable protection from weather impacts
in combination with achieving highly effective production of electric power from renewable source, while minimising performance losses. Such a technology can be used in a wide range of building types, including those that are not fit for installation of conventional solar panels. Works continue.



The building is situated in the location of the Institute for Social Care in Lidmaň. It replaced a previously existing building, which did not comply with the present construction, operational, sanitary, fire and esthetical demands anymore. The new building is a passive house built out of traditional brick materials with insulated folder. The heating is assured by means of a heat pump. The building serves for accommodation of the clients of the Institute for Social Care, Lidmaň. All following construction criteria are included:


- Minimization of energy release through the siding of the building


- Optimal use of the inner space


- Intensification of usage of locally available and renewable energy sources


- Emphasis on a high rate of comfort for building users


- The used technology will be on the top level (Best Available Technique).


bird's view

 The building will be open each day during the working hours. There will be also installed 4 telemeters which make automatically measuring and showing the results on internet. All components of the investment (design, construction facilities, commissioning, etc.) will be part of one public procurement. The building should contain a heat pump for central heating system, solar collectors, photovoltaic modules, heat recovery unit for recuperation, insulated folder around the building.