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Pilot investment in the City of Ludwigsburg, Germany
06 / 02 / 2015

Gartenstr. 14 - Daycare facilities for primary school pupils with cafeteria & gym



The demonstration building “Gartenstraße 14” is part of the primary school area of the inner city of Ludwigsburg. In the context of the long term school development planning this area will be newly developed. In the future all learning and care opportunities for primary school students will be combined in different buildings. Some buildings will be renovated in a sustainable way and others like the “Gartenstraße 14” will be constructed new.

The city council has already been taken the general decision to develop the primary school area including all different buildings.

The construction works of the demonstration building will start in August 2013.

The conception of the future primary school area in the inner city of Ludwigsburg the demonstration building „Gartenstraße 14“ with all its functions is very important.
The building will include a cafeteria and a gymnasium. It will be used, on the one hand,  by pupils of 2 primary schools and on the other hand, by local sport clubs. The design planning phase of the building and the technical equipment was finalized between October 2012 and April 2013. In April 2013 the tendering started. In the tendering different aspects were implemented to increase the sustainability of the building and to fulfill the requirements of CESBA. Moreover, a detailed planning of the exhibition concept is in progress. In addition the process of building a network in the field of sustainable energy assessment for public buildings is going on. For example there is a network and discussion with municipal energy managers, architects and institutes. The next big conference for discussion and networking within different projects will be during the CESBA Sprint Conference
in October 2013.