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Pilot investment in the City of Bydgoszcz, Poland End: 6/2014
08 / 06 / 2015

The Mechanical School Complex was chosen for the intervention in Bydgoszcz. The City is the owner of the school territory and will be the owner of the future building to be constructed, whereas the Headmaster of the Mechanical School Complex functions as the manager of the school. The choice of the future passive building location was based upon the sustainability analysis that proved that the highest visibility will be secured on condition that the building is highly exploited on every day basis with the highest number of visitors and in the EE oriented target group, namely the analysis selection outcome was the Mechanical School Complex territory. The school have already started enrolment procedures for a new RES specialization school course.

Progress of Bydgoszcz activities:

1.10.2012 The designer submitted the zoning plan for this new area.

15.10.2012 The Investment Department applied for decision on environmental conditions
of approval of undertaking.

19.10.2012 The Investment Department applied for new technical conditions of establishing grid connections.

27.12.2012 The Investment Department acquired  a building permit No. 1410/2012


December 2012 Technical documentation obtained as well as cost estimate

January-March 2013 Modification of the design documentation in order to reduce the costs

March-April 2013 Completion of the modification of the design documentation

May 2013: the tender for the construction of Demonstration Centre was announced.

July 2013: the start of construction works

April 2014: the end of construction works

May 2014: the acceptance of works

24 June 2014: official opening of the RES Demonstration Centre and handing it over to the Mechanical School Complex no. 2 Director, Ryszard lewandowski by the City Mayor, Rafał Bruski


For photos of the RES Demonstration Centre, go here:


RES Demonstration Centre in Radio Pik (interview with Grzegorz Boron, deputy director of Municipal Utilities and Environmental Protection Department in the City of Bydgoszcz: