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Pilot investment of the Soca Valley, Slovenia End: 9/2014
06 / 02 / 2015

Primary school in Most na Soči/Most na Soci 18a, 5216 Most na Soci, Slovenia

Start: 1.6.2014

Finalisation: 30.9.2014


Low energy and demonstration characteristics:

- Insulation of the gym (walls, roof)

- ventilation system

- heat pump

- triple glazed wooden windows

- exhibition on sustainable construction


Expected impact:

reduction of costs

educational impact


Building facts:

Total costs: 303.500 EUR



Building Permit: not needed

Design & Work Planning: Spring 2014







Due to long term procedures the renovation has not started yet, but all processes are
in progress.

Expert visit of demonstration building for experts of Building and Civil Engineering Institute to get their comments and suggestions about best energetic solutions for the renovation were organized. Soca  prepared a workshop for local architects to analyse the acceptability of technical interventions with local architecture. One expert workshop was prepared also at Home Fair, where the concept of refurbishment was presented. At the moment the refurbishment plans are in progress by expert group and will be ready for the public procurement in few months.

During the implementation  correlations with two other projects have been recognised, which gives added value to the renovated building. These are: Alpstar project with possible introduction of district heating in Tolmin and CABEE project with testing pilot area from view of nearly zero emission buildings.

The Alpine space project Enerbuild was the first step towards energy efficiency of buildings in our municipalities and the call of the Central Europe Programme seemed as a logical step forward. An informal partnership with the other two Slovenian partners was made to ensure the transfer to the legislation and expert level already at the first step of the project preparation.