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Pilot investment of Trnava, Slovakia End: 11/2014
08 / 06 / 2015

Secondary technical school in Senica city (SOS Senica) has been chosen as a demonstration building (DB) for the CEC5 project as an allowance organisation of TTSK (i.e. ownership of the DB itself and thus also ownership and sustainability of the project outputs is secured). Moreover, school itself has already commenced its path towards the higher energy efficiency both in terms of its facilities as well as education process. It is worth to mention that SOS Senica, as probably the Slovak rarity, has already installed digitally operated system of regulated heat and warm water consumption. Regarding the education, SOS Senica has been successfully participating in the ENERSOL competition for several years – this is competition for secondary schools students in the field of RES innovative approaches.



Currently PP14 starts preparation of a public procurement for the overall DB refurbishment including: elaboration of technical realisation documentation; obtaining all necessary permits, including construction permit; implementation of the DB refurbishment itself. Simultaneously, a separate public procurement for construction inspection will be carried out.

The timeplan is as follows:

6/2013: the public procurement („over-limit order) launched;

7/2013: offers submitted;

8/2013: the public procurement evaluated
and a winning competitor identified;

10/2013: the Slovak FLC concludes the tender documentation control;

11/2013: a contract signature and start
of the DB refurbishment

4/2014: DB refurbishment completed.

Between 12/2013 – 8/2014: organised study visits and individual guided tours through
the PP14 DB (the DB will be accessible after the CEC5 project completion as well).

meetings in the Senica school

Within April 2012 – February 2013 several meetings took place in the Senica school with participation of PP14, Director and Financial Manager of the Senica school as well as with representatives of potential service providers. So far the last meeting took place on 6.2.2013 where Project Coordinator and Investment Manager of PP14 participated with Director of the Senica school and representatives of supplier for elaboration of documentation specifying technical standards for RES facilities to be installed at this school. Such documentation will be a basis for preparation of tender documentation for public procurement for supplier of the overall reconstruction of the Senica school pilot investment. PP14 intends to launch such public procurement in the mid of 2013 with aim to complete the demonstration building reconstruction in the end of 2013.


Referring to the CEC5 project, SOS Senica currently using natural gas for heat and warm water preparation, aims to install RES for this purpose: solar collector, biomass station using pellets and heat pump “air – water system”. The external walls as well as roof are going to be insulated and small demonstration room showing actual state of energy generation and consumption will be set up. This refurbishment is planned to be realised within the I. half of 2013.

Among others, through this demonstration activity as well as the overall CEC5 project, TTSK aims to draw attention to EE/RES issues on regional/local level and brings “Success story” to other schools, social facilities, etc. On broader social perspective, TTSK also intends to emphasize the fact that we must pay attention to energy efficiency in our lifes, including buildings, otherwise energy / environmental debt we may shift forward to future generations might become unprecedented.





In Senica county there is the first Slovak wind park “Cerova” where 4 wind energy turbines (VESTAS – v 47/660 kWh) have been installed with annual energy production of 4000 MWh, what would be sufficient for municipality of 2.500 inhabitants. The project was financed from EU PHARE fund, state budget and private sources of the company Green Energy Slovakia. More information could be found at www.obeccerova.sk

There are also other projects for wind energy utilisation in Trnava region (e.g. wind park Cerova II., Holic-Radimov, Mokry Haj, Senica), however, mainly due to a lack of financial sources, they have not been realised so far. Trnava region has also very good conditions for solar and biomass energy utilisation, however, mainly they are utilised in a small scale by private project developers.

Regarding geothermal energy utilisation, there is, so far, one “Success story” in Galanta city, where several block of flats and adjacent thermal swimming baths are heated by geothermal water.


Within the CEC5 project TTSK will organize 2 international workshops for specialists in the respective field (EE/RES utilisation and energy / environmental certification of buildings) as well as 1 national dissemination workshop combined with the final project steering committee meeting.

TTSK also plans to combine these workshops with national training courses for CEBA tool prepared under the CEC5 project for various target groups: in 9/2012 the first training course for local/regional stakeholders (e.g. municipal/regional offices) and state / public administration (e.g. ministries, NGOs, national agencies) is planned.