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Development of Sustainable Building Standards
01 / 10 / 2013

The partners work on mobilisation, assessment and improvement of existing technical and administrative standards through evaluation on EE and RES comparability and transferability methods.


With the questionnaire done by the external expert representing the Udine partner each partner collected information about national approach in EE buildings. During the meeting in udine on 22-24. January 2013, the draft of the transnational baseline was presented. The final transnational baseline report has been finished.


In Udine on 23 January 2013 also the expert workshop with experts from the municipality of Udine Mr Marco Padrini, Mr Arnaldo Mattiussi and the external expert of Udine, CETA, Mr Fabio Fulchir, who presented the assessments of 3 buildings and Mr Maurizio Trevisan who presented an overview of Italian economic incentives on energy efficiency. Moreover, two external speakers, Mr PierGiuseppe Dezza from Province of Alessandria, presented his experience of building assessment in the ENERBUILD project and Mr. Andrea Moro, a comparison on certification methods in Europe. Dalibor Borak made a presentation on assessment from an architect perspective and from LP-Regio-V the external expert, Markus Berchtold talked on progresses of CESBA tool application.

The questionnaire on acceptance of CESBA tool has been proposed and revised.

Partners have developed preliminary lists of local and regional decision makers to be addressed and asked for cooperation in answering the questions as to the CESBA applicability.

The report on the state of the art on building assessments has been elaborated by Udine.