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17 / 06 / 2014   5
Budapest CEC5 partners' 2nd meeting 12-13.06.12, Hungary
14 / 02 / 2014

The second partners' meeting, inter alia, regarded questionaires as to the transnational baseline to EE building and course materials that will be developed upon the lessons learnt within similar projects tackling energy efficient buildings.

On behalf of Ludwigsburg Christian Borchard gave an introduction into the structure and highlighted the importance of updating on the  status of every demonstration building in the seven countries so that the construction process can be transparently followed up. Potential criteria for the exhibition and criteria concept were shown. Questionnaires related to analysis of existing European or local projects have been prapred. In order to define a baseline to energy efficient (EE) building, Markus Berchtold  REGIOV Vorarlberg collects national contributions and Arnaldo Mattiussi, Udine takes information for the Baseline from the description of the ENERBUILD tool. Expert is preparing a questionnaire for all the partners to fill in.

Questions regard:

  • national approaches on EE buildings: types of buildings, materials and technologies;
  • national types of incentives;
  • national strategies to incentive EE buildings.
  • The deadline for each partner is September 2012.
  • The next step is to collect all the materials and try to find common elements to define a trans-national baseline.



The questionnaire will be translated in the local languages to interview 10 local decision makers and 5 federal state representatives. The completion of these activities is expected by September 2013. The aim of the questionnaire is to verify the applicability of the common CEC5 - CEBA tool.