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Transfer and broad adoption of EE standards
08 / 08 / 2013

The broad dissemination and implementation of the project results must be ensured. To help with this task, the Transnational Joint Strategy is developed, harmonization of approaches is planned and follow-ups through pre-investment actions is made.


During the workshop in Budapest (13.06.2012, Hungary) the first draft of the templates on the best practices and guidelines in low emission buildings were discussed. In Udine (24.01.2013, Italy) with preliminary work the more detailed version of the template was created. 

Workshops for the Joint Strategy were held in Budapest, Udine and Bydgoszcz  led by Mr Dalibor Borak (PP02). For the Joint National Strategy dissemination channels were elaborated. The Target Groups and Methods have been detailed discussed and identified. It was agreed, that each partner will have its expert in the Working Group which will elaborate the Strategy

During the conference in Brussels (10.10. 2012, Belgium) Dalibor Borak presented the idea of the Joint Strategy, the project CEC5, its aims and the role of architects in building assessment. The conference was attended by delegates of the European Commission, especially of DG Energy and DG Environment. Marcus Berchtold, NENA Network (LP) supports the enlargement of the building assessment networks.

The Transnational Work Group will be composed of two pillars – the NENA network  and the organisation of ACE – Architects´ Council of Europe.

The presentation of the project CEC5 with the practical outputs of CESBA is planned at the ACE general coordination meeting  in September 2013. The basis for the presentation is the CESBA assessments in Czech Republic and mainly the building evaluation in Lidman (Demonstration Building of Vysocina).